Chicago Master Bathroom Remodeling

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Chicago Master Bathroom Remodeling

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Bathroom Remodeling Objective:

Our clients were new to Chicago and purchased this one bedroom, one bathroom timber loft with gorgeous views of Lake Michigan to take advantage of all the city has to offer. Their design objective was
to create a more open feel and increase access between the bathroom, bedroom and closet.

Bathroom Remodeling Challenges:

We had a 6’ 5” tall client trying to fit into an existing bathroom with a 7’ ceiling. The plumbing for the vanity needed to be moved so concrete cutting was a must. The bathroom and closet were separate spaces and we needed to find a way to open them up to each other. We wanted to preserve the original brick that had been covered up by drywall in a prior remodel, so demolition was much slower We needed a door that would separate the bedroom suite and living room, but still maintain a look of continuity.

Revive Designer Bathroom Solutions:

Removing the ceiling not only accommodated his height, but also the aspiration for a more open/loft feel. The entire condo has 12’ exposed timber ceilings. We removed walls and doorways to open up the space and create the openness and easy access between the bedroom, bathroom and closet We used a rustic looking barn door to separate the space, create privacy and maintain a cohesive look. Wherever possible, we removed the drywall to show more of the original brick. We added a full height wall to create a visual separation from the bedroom and bathroom/closet space which also holds the plumbing for the vanity.

An Amazing Result:

The end result couldn’t have been more perfect. The materials and finishes complement the look and feel of this vintage, historical Chicago timber loft. The clients are over the moon and are now enjoying their space and new Chicago home.

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