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Northbrook Bathroom Remodeling

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Bathroom Design Objectives

The homeowners, busy parents with 3 children, were ready to embark on a new life-style. They decided to update their existing master bath. Their specific requests included a steam shower, increased storage space, and a free-standing tub. They also desired a more light-filled, spacious room.
Soft edges were evident throughout their home as seen in their furniture and bedding, and also the curved wall between the master bedroom and the master bath.

Bathroom Remodeling Concept

Since the homeowners enjoy spending time on the beach, the overall concept was to create an ambiance which reflects their life style. Organic design elements such as curves, soft colors, lighting, pattern, and movement, as found in nature, were introduced to create a comfortable and inviting space.

Bathroom Remodeling Challenges

The space was constricted with too many hard and geometric lines. The new design had to keep the existing footprint and plumbing location which increased the challenge to find space of additional storage. This was further impeded by the lack of space as some areas of the room were narrower than others. The ceiling fixtures and windows were to remain as is, so other design ideas were employed to maximize a sense of openness and light.

Revive Designer Bathroom’s Solutions

The dark vanities were replaced with white cabinets. The existing make-up table was removed to allow for an additional cabinet and a counter-to-ceiling shelving unit with open glass shelves for display and additional storage. The strong-grained pattern of the quartzite countertop reflects the rocks along the shore and gives the cabinets a strong appearance of solid earth.

The flooring in the cabinet area is dark porcelain tile merging in a curved line with the lighter color porcelain tile that represents a sandy beach which extends beyond the steam shower to the end of the tub wall. The curve of the tile, mimics the curved shape of the tub, and creates the illusion that the room is wider than it is.

The curved soffit and countertop wrap around the new steam shower and complement the shape of the room. The new countertop extension provides new storage space with a base cabinet tucked below.

The free-standing sculptural tub, shaped like a boat, incorporates the feeling of movement and becomes the focal point of the room.

This and the new lighting along the bumped out wall add layers as though waves move across water. It adds depth to the room and emphasizes the tub. A subtle floral pattern on the porcelain tile completes the organic nature of the room. The new lighting by the tub, the wall sconces by the sink, and the subtlety of colors used make the room appear large, open and airy.

Unity is achieved by the play of organic elements with shape, color, pattern, light, and movement. The homeowners’ needs were fulfilled with the newly renovated bathroom which provides an elegant complement to the rest of their home.

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