Steam Showers in Your Own Home?

Indulging in a steam shower used to mean a trip to the gym or a spa. But now, if you can imagine slipping into a hot, rejuvenating steam shower after a long, hard day, you can realize it in your very own home. Many homeowners today are making their dreams come true by remodeling their old shower stalls into soothing, warm, steam havens known as steam showers. And because you can walk right in, push a digital control and instantly summon hot, relaxing steam, there’s no waiting for a tub to fill, or heat to envelope a sauna.

How Steam Showers Work

Steam showers are moisture-sealed enclosures that allow you to receive hot steam before, during, or after a shower. Cold water travels into a generator for steam, and is heated up to the boiling point. The fresh steam is then sent to an opening in the stall’s steam head, which fills the entire space. With the digital controls, you can adjust temperature and the length of time you want the steam to flow. You can even enhance your experience by adding relaxing, refreshing scents such as eucalyptus, or adding luxurious touches like piped-in music or mood lighting. Temperatures in most steam showers are calibrated to achieve a safe temperature of about 118 degrees Fahrenheit. After your steaming experience, you can simply turn on the shower and enjoy a delightful rinse.

The Benefits of a Steam Shower

Steam is the ultimate body-refresher. It not only helps clear up your sinuses and deeply moisturize your skin, it’s also an earth-friendly, environmentally beneficial way to bathe. Taking a 20-minute steam shower only uses up about 2 gallons of water. You can use up about 50 gallons of water in the same amount of time taking a regular shower.

Installing a Steam Shower

You’ll definitely want professional installation to make sure your steam shower is installed correctly. Typically, a stall that’s 4 x 5 x 8 feet and covered in ceramic tile requires a 7-kilowatt generator. If you want your stall to be stone-tiled, it will require a 14-kilowatt generator to generate sufficient amounts of steam. The generator should be within about 25 feet of the stall, so if you have a spare closet within that range, that could suffice. The generator will need to be maintenance-accessible. Next, you’ll need to plan out installing tile and a shower door that’s steam-proof. After that’s done, plumbing will need to be done to connect all of your pipes, and electrical work to hook up the generator, cable, and digital controls.

You can also opt for a fully enclosed, steam-ready stall that will only require wiring and plumbing hook-up. Units such as these are fine for elegant master bath layouts.

Whichever steam shower set-up works for your bathroom remodel, it’s sure to become the go-to place every day to recharge your body, mind, and spirit!

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