For an elegant change of pace to the typical shower, you might want to consider a “no-threshold” design, one where there’s no sill to step over or raised separation between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. It’s not only an elegant style for a bath remodel, it also adds accessibility for the physically challenged or disabled. A no-threshold shower lets you enter or walk right into the stall without any barriers of any kind, and is perfect for older persons or those planning to age in place.


Adding a no-threshold shower is considerably easy if you’re constructing a new home, but it can present a challenge if remodeling since you have to consider existing floor structures. That said, a professional contractor can rework a floor structure to add the appropriate floor recess or leveling required to remove the threshold.

No-threshold showers require thorough planning and designing to install them correctly. So it’s well worth the investment of time to make sure you’re getting it done right from the beginning. They should be larger than a typical shower so that cabinetry and other bathroom furnishings can be kept at a distance from splash zones. You’ll then want to ensure that the shower floor is redesigned to gradually slope toward the drain to catch water overflow. Don’t worry too much about the aesthetic impact of the drain as they can be designed with subtlety so as not to draw attention from the floor or tile patterns.

You can separate your shower from the rest of the bathroom with glass doors and partitions, or you can design your bath to be completely open, creating a continuous flow in the décor and increasing the usable space in your bath. A seamless floor plan that leads from the main area of the bathroom into the shower also furthers the modern, fluid effect of no-threshold showers.

Even though you’ll be spending a bit more to make sure that this project is done properly, it creates a beautiful look and a very practical solution for homeowners who wish to age in place and spend their lives in a home they love. A no-threshold shower is a practical yet elegant touch that adds luxury and maximum utility that you’ll appreciate every day.

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