Soft, gentle music, dimmed lights, and relaxed aromas – nothing beats a spa day. Now, more and more people are creating this environment in their very own homes. Imagine coming home from work, kicking off your shoes, and decompressing in the peaceful solitude of your own home. In this week’s post, we share how you can create the feeling of the boutique spa in your own bathroom.

Colors – Color has a remarkable impact on our mood. You know the dim feeling of waking up on a grey, dreary winter day, or the upbeat feeling from a sunny morning’s blue sky? Spas tend to focus on natural, pale colors – pastel greens and sky blues – generally delicate shades that aren’t harsh on the eye. Add a cactus or succulent plant (great in the humidity of a bathroom) for a natural accent of vibrant, yet calming color.

Materials – Similar to the color of your room, you want the construction and accessories themselves to be made from natural materials. This gives your bathroom a tranquil spa-like feel; a retreat from the pressures of modern living. Wooden storage and irregular stone patterns create a natural look, and accents like the rough cut stone in the remodel add nice finishing touches.

Lighting – Overly bright lighting will make even the most relaxing color scheme feel harsh on the eyes. Stick with LED light fixtures. They are not only more energy efficient, but are also better at diffusing light in a soft, even manner. While you definitely want to be able to see what you’re doing, multi-colored lamps on dimmer switches will let you control the amount of light in the room, creating nice color interactions that soothe tired eyes.

Appliances – Undoubtedly, the best part of the spa experience is what you can’t get at home. Today’s showers offer more sophisticated features than ever. Imagine standing under a cascading rainfall shower head while being massaged by six strategically placed body sprayers. These shower heads, body sprayers, and even steam rooms and saunas are luxuries once considered to be exclusive to spas and health clubs. But they have made their way to the consumer market.

With the help of a high quality design and build firm, you can turn your bathroom into anything you want, or need it to be. Give us a call and let us know exactly how we can make your dream bathroom a reality.

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