5 Ways to Refresh Your Bathroom this Summer

//5 Ways to Refresh Your Bathroom this Summer

We’ve all enjoyed spring with the warmer temperatures and longer days, and now summer is peeking out from around the corner. School is finishing up, vacations are getting planned, the temperatures are growing warmer and our homes feel alive with everything summer has to offer.

We often find ourselves making changes around our homes to compliment seasonal shifts, and the bathroom is a place in which we spend lots of time during the summer, showering off from long days on the lake or beach, grabbing for a bottle of lotion to soothe a sunburn, or taking a luxurious bath after a hot outdoor workout. There’s no better place for a summer makeover than the bathroom, so we’re rounding up our 5 favorite Revive renovations for a dose of inspiration!

Soft, Calming Colors in Park Ridge

A light coat of paint for this Park Ridge remodel tastefully elevated and brightened up the sleek and simple fixtures featured throughout the bathroom. The white square tiles in this modern remodel also offer an element of breezy minimalism. Tones like beige, white, soft yellows and blues and even light greens can give your bathroom an airy feel that will perfectly compliment the season. Lighter colors can also create a sense of tranquility in your bathroom and become the perfect space for unwinding after traveling or long days outside.

Iridescent Tile in Arlington Heights
The feature that really shines in this Arlington Heights renovation is its beautiful, iridescent tile that glitters when the sun hits it just right. This stunning and bright renovation was formerly cramped and in need of major updating. In addition to the clean lines of the cabinetry and striking quartz countertops, the tile adds a whole new dimension of style– and a nice homage to the colors of summer– to this radiant remodel.

iridescent tile bathroom ideas

Natural Light in Winnetka

Adding a dose of natural light to your bathroom is the perfect way to usher in summer. This tranquil Winnetka remodel incorporates two of our summer bathroom remodel tips– cool, calming colors and just the right dose of natural light! We installed a freestanding tub just beneath the dormer window so that the client could enjoy baths in a calming, light-filled space.

natural light bathroom

Bring Nature to Your Bathroom

Adding plants to your environment is one of the easiest ways to refresh your bathroom in any season, but they’re easiest to care for and maintain in the summer when lots of natural light and temperatures are on your side. In addition to adding real plants into this serene bathroom setting, we also added a fun play on nature by incorporating faux branch lights above the mirror which bring a whimsical element to the space.

winnetka bathroom ideas

A Nature-Inspired Hideaway in Highland Park

Choosing the right stone was how this Highland Park remodel transformed into a unique, almost cave-like bathroom. A soft, brown-grey marble makes this bathroom at once comfortable but intrinsically natural and organic. The stone vanity top, made of quartzite, also gives this simple bathroom a sleek finish and compliments nicely with the rest of the more rustic tones on display throughout the rest of the space.

nature inspired bathroom design

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