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No-Threshold Shower Design Considerations

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For an elegant change of pace to the typical shower, you might want to consider a "no-threshold" design, one where there's no sill to step over or raised separation between the shower and the rest of the bathroom.

Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas and Tips

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When thinking about your bathroom remodel, give considerable thought to the vanity, the place where every morning starts. You want it to be an efficient and easy to function "grooming go-to" where everything is within reach and organized to help you maximize your morning rituals.

Our 2016 Master Bathroom Wish List

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Few transformations can be more rewarding and refreshing than renovating your bathroom. And because it is normally the site of every day's beginning and every night's end, the experience you have there should be one that incorporate ease, efficiency, comfort, and ultimately, relaxation.

Trending Tubs: The 4 Most Popular Bathtubs Right Now

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The bathtub is a major focal point of just about any bathroom. It's a necessity that we rely on every day for any number of daily routines: to wash up, to soak and relax after a long day, to bathe the little ones (and sometimes the family pet), or even for a romantic indulgence.

Bathroom Remodeling: Contractors vs. Design-Build FIrms

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When remodeling your bathroom, there are a lot of issues to consider, as bathrooms are typically the most difficult room in your house to remodel. You want it to be as complete and effortless as possible to minimize the inconvenience you're likely to experience while the project is underway. So the question arises, should you choose a contractor, or do you need a design-build firm?

Steam Showers in Your Own Home?

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Indulging in a steam shower used to mean a trip to the gym or a spa. But now, if you can imagine slipping into a hot, rejuvenating steam shower after a long, hard day, you can realize it in your very own home.

Downers Grove Bathroom Remodeling Project - Bringing the Essence of the West to Illinois

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This bathroom may be located in the Midwestern town of Downers Grove, Illinois, but when you step through the sliding wood barn door, this bathroom's natural feel transports you to the outdoors.

Bathroom Before and After: What a Difference a Bathroom Remodel Makes

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This bathroom is packed with features such as a recessed Robern medicine cabinet with integrated LED lights, a waterproof TV, linen closet doors that are stained to match the vanity, and a custom wood vanity cabinet.

Arlington Heights Home Spa Bathroom Remodel

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Fitting a soothing, spa-like bathroom into this small space made for a challenging, yet fun, project. That is what this Arlington Heights bathroom remodel was all about.

Medicine Cabinet Ideas and Tips – The Secret Bathroom MVP

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For many of us - especially those with larger families - the bathroom is often the busiest place in the house. However, it is often one of the smallest rooms as well, so keeping the bathroom well-organized is a necessity. We like clean counter-tops and vanities, but what to do with all those medicine bottles, half-used tubes of toothpaste, and Q-tips?