Why Revive


Creating a bathroom is easy - right? A tight space with so many detailed pieces and moving parts, and so many fixtures and finishes to coordinate - not to mention the details behind the walls, where the smallest mistake can lead to malfunctions or even disastrous leaks! Now - what if there were pre-planned designs, by world-renowned designers, or a team of local specialists who could help you create your bathroom piece by piece, pull the whole thing together with the utmost attention to detail, guarantee it to fit perfectly in your existing space, and present you with installation options that cater to your comfort level? Stop wondering about how easy it can be, and learn more about our revolutionary bathroom packages.



Chances are, you'll remodel a bathroom once, maybe twice, in your lifetime. The Revive team has done thousands. So naturally, our experience makes things easier. We know how to select everything - from the right fixtures and materials to where to place the shower head and which grout works best. In a typical bathroom remodel, you'd have to make over 80 very important decisions on your own. At Revive, we've already made the tough ones, but we've left some just for you... decisions that allow you to add your input so your design will better reflect your personal taste and lifestyle. Revive is your one and only stop for bathroom designs, plans and materials. So yes - we've made it just as simple as it sounds and as beautiful as it looks.


  • Anatomy of Revive Bath - Vanity
  • Anatomy of Revive Bath - Shower
  • Anatomy of Revive Bath - Toilet
  • Anatomy of Revive Bath - Bathtub



What if you could turn multiple trips to the hardware store, days on Pinterest, and a month trying to find a qualified contractor into one click? In a world where everyone is telling you about something new or improved, this is truly revolutionary, and only from Revive.


Revive lets you select your dream bathroom from our collection of exclusive, complete designer bathroom suites. Choosing between the designers will be hardest choice you have to make since everything else is included - and we mean everything.


Each detailed component - from the magnificent fixtures and hardware to the handsome flooring and wall finishes to the lush towels racks - is included. Even the soap dish. Every detail of your designer package has been painstakingly thought through to compliment and coordinate perfectly. Completely designed and scaled to fit your needs and space, all materials are hand delivered directly to your door, ready for installation by you, your contractor, or the Revive installation network. This is the complete package. This is where superior aesthetics and functionality meet. This is where you take a step back but still get what you want.

what you get




Whether you get a designer package or come in to our shop to plan your bathroom from scratch, Revive makes sure you have everything you need, including all the detailed floor plans, elevations of each wall, a rendering, and measurements to make installation easy.


If you get the designer package, be assured that our help desk is available throughout the process, whether you do it on your own or hire a trusted installer. Never hesitate to contact us should there be any questions along the way.


If you plan a completely custom project, our team stays with you through completion. There’s no hand offs, no mistakes and nothing to be lost in translation. When your bathroom is made by Revive, we mean truly made by Revive. Everything from our builders to our designers.


And speaking of designers, you'll be impressed by the award-winners we work with. Designers you know from the worlds of fashion, home goods, architecture, and more, who've all placed their skills and expertise in our hands. Designers like Isaac Mizrahi, Philippe Starck and the late Michael Graves. Few people could afford or even convince these icons to personally design their bathroom, yet our exclusive relationships with them, along with our own highly skilled Revive designers, has made the once unattainable dream bathroom a happy and affordable reality.


Our simple, streamlined process isn't the only thing that makes Revive revolutionary. Yes, the concept of designer packages is something new to the bathroom remodeling industry. But we started with just our team of pros, reliable designers, project managers and superintendents who measure every inch and angle of your current bathroom. These precise measurements allow us to scale your designer bathroom to perfectly fit in your space, regardless of size.


So yes. Revive is revolutionary. But we’re able to be on the cutting edge because we’ve spent years refining the process. No matter what option you choose, Revive makes the bathroom of your dreams come a reality.