What is a Revive designer bathroom package?

Everything you’ll need to install a resort or spa-quality bathroom in your home. Designs, plans, and materials -- even the towels! Our complete bathroom packages make remodeling your home easier than ever!

What are the benefits of choosing a designer bathroom?

Simplicity and affordability. With over 80 decisions to make, remodeling a bathroom can get complicated. Previously, it would be up to you to select every fixture and feature in your bathroom, from the bathtub to the cabinets all the way down to the finish on your doorknob. We’ve eliminated the variables by providing you with complete designer packages. Now, you can install a spa-quality bathroom in your home without the confusion, and at a price that can’t be beat.

How is the bathroom remodeling process different when I select a designer package?

Think of us as a one-stop-shop for bathrooms. When you choose to install a Revive bathroom you won’t waste any time traveling from vendor to vendor trying to track down things like cabinets, floor tiles, cabinet hardware - even little things like drain covers, because we’ve already got all the materials for you, created by a renowned Revive designer. We’ve cultivated amazing partnerships with acclaimed experts in the fashion, design, home goods, and architecture industries. By combining their unique skills with our own, we’ve been able to bring you beautiful designer bathroom packages through a simple, streamlined process that will give you a hassle-free experience.

Do I have to do anything?

Just pick a design and we will handle the rest!

How do I order a package?

It’s easy. Schedule a measure online or by phone. You may make your deposit with a credit card in order to start the measure and blueprints phase. Once we receive the measurements, we will call you to review the drawings posted online. We will make any changes necessary, adjust the package pricing from the website ranges as required, get your approval, and place the order for you.

Can I make changes during and after the remodel?

We don’t recommend changes once the plan has been approved and shipped. Like any project, minor changes can be done relatively easily without interruption, but larger changes after the plans have been finalized creates delays and headaches.


How long will the measure appointment take?

It takes approximately 1 hour for each bathroom measure process.


Can I add or delete any items from the package?

Yes. Many items may be added or deleted. Speak to a representative and explore the personalization features on our website.

Custom Fit

What if my space doesn’t look like the examples on your website?

Not a problem! We have in-house Development Managers that are experts at translating all of our designer bathroom packages to fit any shape and size.

Can you move a toilet, sink or tub around?

Yes. Many of our packages are designed to fit the existing locations but some designs may require some relocation of the existing plumbing fixtures.

How many different sizes can your designs be applied to?

Almost any bathroom size can be accommodated with our designs.


Will the materials be carried into my house?

 If you like, yes. We use a "white glove" approach to delivery. We can put it in your driveway, in your home, deliver to your installer's shop, or even unpack materials and haul away the packaging. You can pick the type of delivery you'll require.


How long does it take to get?

 Depending on your location and material package, a typical order will be filled within 4 to 6 weeks and delivered within 5 days.


Do you bring all of my materials and supplies at one time?

 Yes, unless some of the materials are backordered.


What do I do if product comes damaged?

 Very obviously damaged materials should be refused, and the delivery company will bring them back to Revive for replacement. If damage is discovered after unpacking, simply note the damage on your ticket, sign your receipt, and we will pick up and replace the items at no charge to you.


Do you offer installation?

Yes. Revive offers installation in many areas through our installation affiliates.


Will my installer need any additional materials?

Revive supplies the materials needed to finish your project. However, materials such as 2x4s, drywall, tile backer, mortar, waterproofing, underlayment, and paint may be required for your installation. Your installer may also require additional pipe, wire, and insulation. All of these everyday materials are readily available at your local home center more quickly and cost-effectively.


What is included on your installation blueprints construction documents?

Your installation blueprints or construction documents will have a 3D rendering, scaled floor plan, and scaled elevations of each wall in your bathroom.


Is there anything unusual about your product installations?

Nope. Any qualified installer should be familiar with both the products and methodologies required to install the bathroom.


How does installation work?

You can either install it yourself, hire an installer, or use the Revive installation network in your area.


What if it doesn’t fit?

If the product doesn’t fit based on Revive’s site measurements and it is our fault, we will replace the materials with those that fit properly. If that is not possible, we will ask for the product to be returned and will give you a credit for the product that did not fit.


What is the guarantee?

All of our materials are guaranteed by the manufacturers. Those guarantees can differ based on the products and their makers, however Revive passes all manufacturers guarantees onto you.


What if I run short on materials? Do you allow for waste or mistakes?

Yes. We do include complementary materials that allow for industry standard waste factors for items, such as tile, that have a waste factor. Should your installer make a mistake beyond those standards, we will supply you with more materials at an additional cost.


Are all the materials included for a complete remodel or do I need other stuff?

Revive supplies the materials needed to finish your project. However, materials such as 2x4s, drywall, tile backer, mortar, waterproofing, underlayment, and paint may be required for your installation. Your installer may also require additional pipe, wire, and insulation. All of these everyday materials are readily available at your local home center more quickly and cost-effectively.


Can I get a material sample of a particular item?

Some material samples may be available for a nominal fee. Please ask your Revive representative for more specifics.


Who manufactures your products that come in the package?

We use many different manufacturers, all of whom have respected names in their respective industries.


Are accessories included?

 Yes. Our goal is to make sure that you have everything you could possibly want in a bathroom. We include every detail, from the toothbrush holder to the floor mat to the drain cover. For a complete list of what goes into a Revive designer bathroom package, please see our



Do I have to pay more for choosing one of your awesome designer bathrooms?

Never. There’s no “label-fee” for choosing a designer bathroom from Revive. We provide quality bathrooms, with proven, tested products, without the premium price.


What are the discounts off retail prices?

Cutting out the middle man allows us to discount all of our products and remain competitive in the marketplace. Some products are even manufactured exclusively for us, saving you money. Depending on the products, discounts may go as deep as 50%!


I have more than one bathroom, do I get a discount?

Each bathroom is priced independently and already discounted.


Can either my installer or I call you for help?

Yes, of course. We have a help desk for any questions that you may have.

About Us

What makes your designers experts in creating amazing bathrooms?

While many remodeling companies have very talented architects who produce great work, we at Revive wanted to take the remodeling process a step further. We create spaces that are more than just architecturally sound and aesthetically pleasing. With our designers and architects we build bathrooms that are inspired by the art in our world, and we incorporate that inspiration into every minute detail.


How long have you been in business?

Revive has been in business for over 3 years. Its founders have been in the remodeling business for over 57 years.