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Trending Tubs: The 4 Most Popular Bathtubs Right Now

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The bathtub is a major focal point of just about any bathroom. It's a necessity that we rely on every day for any number of daily routines: to wash up, to soak and relax after a long day, to bathe the little ones (and sometimes the family pet), or even for a romantic indulgence.

For any bathroom remodeling project, considering the type of bathtub to install is a personal choice - and there are many popular trends and choices that reflect your lifestyle, tastes, desires, and unique needs. Let's take a look at four of the most popular bathtubs that are capturing excitement and interest.

Claw-footed Tubs

Nothing says classic elegance like a claw-footed tub. These used to be the standard bathtub style many years ago, but their timeless design and utility for deep, soaking baths makes them just as popular today and a unique way to accent a bathroom remodel. Claw-footed tub styles typically feature porcelain-enamel construction with feet resembling, well, claws. The feet of the tub can be finished in the same color as the tub, or to complete that vintage look, in brushed nickel chrome, oil rubbed bronze or polished brass to name a few.

Jetted Tubs

Get the ultimate relaxation and spa experience in your home with a jetted tub. These tubs feature increased interior depths that allow you to enjoy a true deep-soak session, with water or air jets that let you enjoy a hydro-therapeutic experience whenever you wish to relieve the stress of the day. They turn every bath into a relaxing experience.

Freestanding Tubs

For the look of luxury and elegance, a freestanding tub can turn your bathroom into a showplace. Without the confinement of walls, the entire exterior of the tub is on display. Imagine your freestanding tub surrounded by warm, glowing candles on the tub-side tables, with soft, soothing music playing in the background. Freestanding tubs are offered in a variety of styles and shapes to complement the total look of your bathroom remodel.

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Soaking Tubs

Understated yet very functional, soaking tubs are a very modern feature in today's bathroom remodels. Available in rectangular, oval and round Japanese style shapes, soaking tubs offer maximum soaking comfort and a deep, full body experience. Typically minimalist in design, these tubs bring a calming, restorative feeling from the moment you step in until you reluctantly step out.

Bathtubs can be many styles, shapes, and finishes. So when you're shopping for the right kind of tub to fit your remodeling project, consider the aesthetics of the overall space as well as usage when making your decision.