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Medicine Cabinet Ideas and Tips – The Secret Bathroom MVP

By Nate Hartmann 2 years ago 4552 Views No comments

For many of us - especially those with larger families - the bathroom is often the busiest place in the house. However, it is often one of the smallest rooms as well, so keeping the bathroom well-organized is a necessity. We like clean counter-tops and vanities, but what to do with all those medicine bottles, half-used tubes of toothpaste, and Q-tips?

Bathroom Vanity Hardware and Accessories

By Revive 2 years ago 2021 Views No comments

Bathroom cabinet hardware may be a small detail, but it is one that has a very large impact. Vanity knobs and pulls are essential to pulling (pun intended) the whole design of the bathroom together. And while mismatched hardware can distract even the most beautiful tile and vanity, new hardware can embed your own unique style and give a quick and simple update to the look and feel of the space.