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Perfect Your Vanity's Lighting

By Revive 2 years ago 3021 Views No comments

One of the most important, if not the most important, spaces in your bathroom is the vanity. You get ready in front of it every morning and wind down in front of it every night. Whether you're adding the finishing makeup touches for a night on the town, or carefully navigating your upper lip with Gillette's latest multi-bladed gadget, you need a properly lit mirror and workspace.

Windows: Bring in Natural Light While Keeping Your Privacy

By Revive 2 years ago 2973 Views No comments

Natural light is a bathroom's best friend. Not only does a balanced and bright natural light source improve your looks in the mirror, it helps you feel alert and awake in the morning without being blindingly bright. Here are a few ways to keep your bathroom space well lit while making sure you've got the utmost privacy.

​Lighting Your Bathroom Properly

By Nate Hartmann 2 years ago 4113 Views No comments

In this piece, we’ll be looking at how bathroom lighting can help make your bathroom a comfortable, relaxing sanctuary.

Getting proper lighting for a bathroom is a combination of choosing the right placement, wattage, and combination of different types of lights.