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Tiny Bathroom - Big Ideas

By Revive 2 years ago 4188 Views No comments

If you've got a small bathroom, you may feel a bit boxed in when it comes to design ideas. Never fear - you still have options! In this piece, we'll cover a few different ways to make your bathroom pop, no matter the size.

Bathroom Vanity Hardware and Accessories

By Revive 2 years ago 1886 Views No comments

Bathroom cabinet hardware may be a small detail, but it is one that has a very large impact. Vanity knobs and pulls are essential to pulling (pun intended) the whole design of the bathroom together. And while mismatched hardware can distract even the most beautiful tile and vanity, new hardware can embed your own unique style and give a quick and simple update to the look and feel of the space.

Simple and Stylish Ways to Update Your Bathroom Pre-Holidays

By Revive 2 years ago 2267 Views No comments

Happy holidays! It’s hard to believe it’s already that time of the year again. Last time we checked, we were getting ready for football season and that Thanksgiving turkey. But, with the end of the year looming, it means it’s time for hot cocoa and festive music. It also means hosting family and friends for the annual holiday party.

A Fridge in the Bathroom?

By Revive 2 years ago 7235 Views No comments

Recently, we came across the idea of putting a refrigerator in the bathroom. Now, at first, we were tempted to write it off as an idea along the lines of gold toilets. With a little more thought, though, we couldn’t write off refrigerators so easily.