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Bathroom Remodeling: Contractors vs. Design-Build FIrms

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When remodeling your bathroom, there are a lot of issues to consider, as bathrooms are typically the most difficult room in your house to remodel. You want it to be as complete and effortless as possible to minimize the inconvenience you're likely to experience while the project is underway. So the question arises, should you choose a contractor, or do you need a design-build firm?

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Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

Some general contractors may refer to themselves as "design-build" companies, but generally, they outsource services such as design and material selection in order to focus more on construction competencies like carpentry, installation, plumbing, and electrical work. A contractor would likely enlist the services of an outside design or architectural firm to provide aesthetic guidance. There are contractors who truly enjoy building, but this doesn't necessarily equip them to deliver strong guidance with respect to design.

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Bathroom Design-Builder Firms

A design-build remodeling company typically staffs full-time designers and, depending on the scope of their projects, architects, too. These designers oversee and manage remodeling projects, translating design aspiration into practical blueprints for construction. They guide clients through the process of selecting products, finishes, look, and style. Since these firms also build their own designs, the bring continuity to the project as a whole more so than an individual designer or contractor. They may also have an advantage in budgeting costs as a designer working within a design build firm has a greater understanding of the construction costs and can factor these future costs as they make their initial design recommendations.


As you consider your remodeling project, look for companies that design and build together. These companies should be able to work more seamlessly and be able to anticipate and address all of the minute details of each remodeling project. More than individual designers or contractors, a design-build firm will give you the dedicated, personal attention on both fronts, translating your dreams into workable plans and handling off to builders who can secure all of the applicable permits and materials and complete the job.

Designers and contractors who work together in the same company provide a value-added service for bathroom remodels. They offer more touch points and handle everything, including design, material selection, storage/delivery, supervision and service/warranty. The holistic approach makes your life easier.