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March 2016

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas: Steal the Style

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The modern bathroom creates a clean, simple, and exact feeling. With its focus on clean lines, neutral color, and an emphasis on geometric shapes and patterns, a modern bathroom can be pleasing to the eye, and can offer a respite from clutter and complexity.

How to Clean a Bathroom: What You Need to Know About Bathroom Care

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Whether you're a first time homeowner or just looking to maintain that pristine and sparkling look of your brand new remodel, it's important to remember (or learn) good habits for keeping your bathroom clean and in top condition. Here are the main areas in your bathroom, and how to keep them germ-free and in great shape.

Perfect Your Vanity's Lighting

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One of the most important, if not the most important, spaces in your bathroom is the vanity. You get ready in front of it every morning and wind down in front of it every night. Whether you're adding the finishing makeup touches for a night on the town, or carefully navigating your upper lip with Gillette's latest multi-bladed gadget, you need a properly lit mirror and workspace.

Creating A Home Spa

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Soft, gentle music, dimmed lights, and relaxed aromas - nothing beats a spa day. Now, more and more people are creating this environment in their very own homes. Imagine coming home from work, kicking off your shoes, and decompressing in the peaceful solitude of your own home. In this week's post, we share how you can create the feeling of the boutique spa in your own bathroom.