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January 2016

Master Bathroom Designs

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A new year introduces new design trends. In this piece, we tackle some of the most popular design questions we've fielded in the past few months, and cover some of our favorites that we expect to be seeing more of in the coming year.

Tiny Bathroom - Big Ideas

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If you've got a small bathroom, you may feel a bit boxed in when it comes to design ideas. Never fear - you still have options! In this piece, we'll cover a few different ways to make your bathroom pop, no matter the size.

Bathroom Vanity Hardware and Accessories

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Bathroom cabinet hardware may be a small detail, but it is one that has a very large impact. Vanity knobs and pulls are essential to pulling (pun intended) the whole design of the bathroom together. And while mismatched hardware can distract even the most beautiful tile and vanity, new hardware can embed your own unique style and give a quick and simple update to the look and feel of the space.

Bathroom Color Trends, Schemes, and Ideas

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A quick look through any popular online bathroom gallery will reveal a bold new take on a classic look. Two tone bathrooms, especially those featuring black and white tiles, send a strong stylistic message in any sized bathroom.

The Grout Guide

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The grout between your shower tiles takes a lot of wear and tear. Consider how many times the shower is used in your home - just in one day alone! A family of three showering daily uses the shower over 1,000 times per year. Grout is one of the first areas to show that use in most bathrooms.

​Hex Tiles a Budding Trend

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Hexagonal tiles are a classic, familiar bathroom floor pattern that has been much-loved for over 100 years. While they were typically seen in Victorian and Arts and Crafts-era homes, newer homes are using the traditional pattern in unique and exciting ways.