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November 2015

​Crazy bathroom products we can do without

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There are some wacky bathroom products out there that seek to fill a need you never even know you had. Many (hopefully) only see the light of day as gag gifts for that brother-in- law you can never seem to shop for. Here are some of the silliest options that we bet you can live without.

Tub-Side Tables

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What's worse than soaking up to your chin in a relaxing, lavender scented, steaming hot bath and not being able to reach that glass of pinot noir? You're probably on the same page as us - there's not much that’s worse.

Taking Style the Extra Mile: Store More

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The bathroom is one of the hardest rooms in the home to design—it’s usually the smallest room, but needs the most fixtures, after the kitchen. To achieve a great look, a lot of home owners feel they must make sacrifices in the process.