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July 2015

​Lighting Your Bathroom Properly

By Nate Hartmann 2 years ago 4113 Views No comments

In this piece, we’ll be looking at how bathroom lighting can help make your bathroom a comfortable, relaxing sanctuary.

Getting proper lighting for a bathroom is a combination of choosing the right placement, wattage, and combination of different types of lights.

Remodel Your Bathroom: Use Tech For The Perfect Design

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A well-designed bathroom can be more than just a place to wash up in the morning, it can be a hub of luxury and exquisite comfort in your home. Much of this luxury comes from the fixtures and material selections used in your bathroom, such as faucets, cabinets, and floor tiling.

Must Haves for Your Master Bath

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Sure, the bathroom is one of the most practical areas in the home, but there is a reason why people also refer to this room as the “throne room.” For most, the master bath simply provides no-thrills accommodations for personal grooming—but with the right renovation idea, this space can serve as hub for relaxation and rejuvenation.

​The Uses of Roll in Showers

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Rather than be a typical bathroom that separates a sink, toilet, and all else from the shower, a roll in shower offers no division and utilizes open space instead. One of the best reasons to opt for a roll in shower are for people who need both its functionality and its accessibility. In this piece we’ll take an in-depth look at roll in showers, their use, and how they’re designed.

Choose The Perfect Color For Your Bathroom

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Looking to change things up at home? Learn more about one of the easiest ways to refresh your home is to add a new color to an old space.

Feng Shui Your Bathroom

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You can use Feng Shui to decorate your home in a way that will provide the most energy and good fortune to you and your family. All of the rooms in your home can benefit from Feng Shui, including your bathroom.

​Grab Bars: Safety and Utility in Bathrooms

By Nate Hartmann 2 years ago 2284 Views No comments

Any bathroom can stand to have a little more safety! A bathroom with grab bars provides safety, a place to give stability for those with disabilities, and mitigates the dangers of slippery surfaces. In this piece we’ll be looking at the benefits of installing grab bars into your bathroom.

​Natural Airflow with Passive Ventilation

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Passive ventilation systems offer a great way to improve airflow in a bathroom. They function by installing a series of vents on exterior walls or by exterior windows which allow outdoor air to come into a home in a focused way.